1. thomas michael wallace

    thomas michael wallace

    thomas michael wallace.

    Engineer (although no one ever knows what that is...) and collector of interesting skills living in Farnborough, Hampshire (in the UK). Currently 29 years of age, reasonably well travelled and always looking to do something constructive in what little spare time I collect, although I wouldn't say no to a drink.

    Drop me a line if you want to know more.

  2. Being Brunel

    being brunel

    Notes from a Civil Engineer

    At the age of 17 I gave up my dream of being a video game composer, after a close encounter with the media industry, and decided to build a bridge.

    In 2011 I graduated with a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Surrey and now work as an structural analysis Engineer-come-programmer; where I'm beginning to learn that education doesn't prepare you for anything.

    Being Brunel charts the trials and tribulations of a life in civil engineering, from my war on cat diaries to a guide on building bridges just by looking at the gap.

    Visit Being Brunel

  3. OpenSource

    free as in 'free beer'.

    Late to the world of OpenSource, I'm now a massive advotate and enjoy taking the chance to share any random programming I manage to find the time to do.


    I started writing EngCel because I spent too much of my life trying to pursuade Excel into doing engineering calculations.

    From in-line sub/super scripts to quick symbols and mixins- you can read all about EngCel here.

    Download EngCel


    preDict has been a pet of mine for a few months now- because I'm fed of Word not guessing what I'm thinking.

    From auto-complete, to predicting your next word- you can read all about preDict here.

    Download preDict

  4. Contact

    getting to know you...

    Like the rest of the internet, I belong to more networks then I have friends to fill them. Here are a selection of some of the more useful profiles, should you suddenly feel the urge to get hold of me.

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